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Updated: Oct 9, 2022

NEW year, NEW look, NEW trophies, SAME GREAT PROGRAM

REIL Athletics

Since it's inception in 2016, REIL Athletics has grown and evolved in an effort to bring the best program we can offer, time and time again. Although the pandemic took the wind out of our sails for a couple of school years, we are pleased to be coming back full force and better than ever.

Our refreshed REIL Athletics logo along with our 2 new league identities have been in the works since the end of last school year.

New Year

After the challenges we all faced during the last two years of a pandemic, our REIL Athletics teams sat down to try and figure out creative ways to "relaunch" the program as a celebration of where it has come from, and a sign of strength through the last 26 months.

New Look

The first and most obvious change you'll notice to our REIL Athletics program is the new primary logo. With 6 school years under our belt and a hopeful new chapter on the horizon, it felt like the right time to update our brand and create a fresh new look.

We've also rebranded our 2 intramural programs. The grade 4 & 5 program is now called REIL Origins, as this is the starting point of a heroic journey of character development through sport. Our newly expanded grade 6 & 7 program is now called REIL Odyssey, the next step in our athletes' epic road to bettering themselves through sport.


Along with new brands and new logos, or Origins program has officially retired the Robert Spall Trophy and the En-Duro Award. Now, the league champion will be awarded Thor's infamous hammer Mjolnir, and the league MVP will be the proud recipient of our Iron Man Statue of Awesomeness.

Same Great Program

In the midst of all these changes, our before school intramural sports programs are still committed to bringing each athlete the same, great experience that they've come to expect.

With some new sports and the same great opportunities for every athlete, this year promises to be another great year of REIL Athletics.


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