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Dodgeball Rules & Expectations

  • Games are played using half the gym

  • 2 games happening at the same time during the 8:00 am timeslot

  • 10 minute games

  • whichever team has the most points at the end of the game wins

  • Each team begins the game with 6 players on the court and the remaining players on their respective benches

  • To begin the game, 12 dodgeballs will be lined up at centre with each player starting on the court lying down on their stomachs at the volleyball court end lines

  • As play begins, teams throw dodgeballs at the other team as in any other version of dodgeball, trying to eliminate them

  • The player who was struck by a dodgeball must quickly get off the court, through the pylons, and sit at the end of their team’s bench

  • A player leaving the court to go sit on their bench signifies to the referee that a point has been scored by the opposing team

  • As soon as the player who was hit by a ball sits on their bench, the player at the front of the bench immediately enters the game and all players on the bench move 1 spot closer to the front, waiting to get into the game​


  • You are OUT if:

  • you get hit directly by a ball (bounces do not count) at the shoulders or below

  • the ball you threw gets caught by an opponent

  • the ball you are using to block a ball gets knocked out of your hands while blocking

  • You are ever holding onto more than 1 ball at a time

  • Referee’s have full authority. Any arguing a call or whining will result in an immediate penalty. Please ensure you have read and understand the Player & Parent Contracts.

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