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Handball Playoffs, Dodgeball Registration, and an Exciting Announcement Just Around the Corner

Good news comes in 3s!

Handball Playoffs

February 13-16 is the final week of handball regular season in both our Origins and Odyssey leagues. Playoffs will commence upon returning from February break with both leagues slated to begin their playoff tournaments on Wed. March 1.

Please navigate to the appropriate playoff page for your athlete's league. REIL Origins playoff information can be found HERE. REIL Odyssey playoff information can be found HERE.

Dodgeball Registration

With the conclusion of the handball season right around the corner, we are gearing up to get ready for our 2nd season, dodgeball.

Our version of dodgeball is a points based game where inclusion, competition, and fun are perfectly balanced to ensure the enjoyment and wellbeing of our athletes. A version where, if you get hit, you won’t end up sitting out for the rest of the game, but that there would still be a fair consequence for being hit.

The dodgeball season will begin with the exhibition schedule running the week of March 20-24, and the regular season getting underway upon returning from Spring break the week of April 10-14.

Registration for dodgeball will be open from February 27 to March 10. As before, there will be 2 registration options for both leagues. The $15 basic registration pays for the players' fee and a team poster. This season, the $35 Apparel+ option will include a REIL branded snapback hat

Summer Plans?

Keep your eyes peeled because we will be making a very exciting announcement within the next couple of weeks about REIL Athletics summer leagues.

Stay tuned


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